0 years Dubai Ramadan (fasting month) [Dubai] All About

[Column | Senegal of life] that of the Muslim Ramadan how much ... Dubai is also greater than the temperature of 0 degrees! Midsummer of Ramadan Most holy fasting month "Ramadan" is 0 year for Muslims will continue to start from month to around 0 date. Will come some people that travel to Dubai during the subsequent Yakuke month "Ramadan". For the Japanese, there is no chance that too much contact with the Muslim fasting month "Ramadan". This time, it should also be aware of the Ramadan period of some 2.0 years to exceed a temperature of 0 degrees from the basic knowledge of "Ramadan", and I think that I want to tell you, such as enjoyment of this period unique. Fasting month of Ramadan basic knowledge of Muslim undefined The Ramadan, the month in which the Prophet Mohammed of Islam has received the revelation of Allah in Mecca. Made many believers to go to the mosque every day during Ramadan When asked "Ramadan", than there are those who think of the appearance that Muslims are fasting while withstood the test. Of course, it is during the period of "Ramadan", which is the month that requires patience that must fight the thirst and hunger of the throat is certainly.

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