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[Column | Senegal of life] that of the Muslim Ramadan how much ... During Ramadan, finished the fasting during the day, and that of the first to eat meal [iftar] Says. If being interpreted in Japanese [breakfast] Breakfast is a meal to break the fast. But now less than before, the city, side-by-side tables and chairs on the road or street There is a place with free Iftar is provided. If it is lined with tables on the roads and streets in Egypt during Ramadan, the Iftar It is no doubt think that location to provide. The contents of Iftar is mixed, but there is also Iftar for take-away. The contents of the lunch [Iftar box] is, flavored rice, beans in tomato sauce Boiled thing, is meat. It is the general contents of the box's right. The state of Iftar to eat at home here. It has lined up a lot of dishes on a platter. Mahashi (those that Thailand wrapped rice in grape leaves) and Daudopasha (stewed in tomato sauce meatballs), Chicken grilled, chicken and rice, salad. Because during the Ramadan school company that also shortened time, day to go home to until the sink, the whole family We eat breakfast.

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