The changes that occur around the end of the Thousand and One Nights ...

[Column | Senegal of life] that of the Muslim Ramadan how much ... In the middle of the Cairo bureau near the main street, lined suddenly a lot of tables, a large number of people had a meal. I thought it was nothing, but I noticed as soon as I of Ramadan (fasting month). Muslims from sunrise to sunset, water also should not be in any outlet food Ramadan. Continued about months from mid-month this year. During the period, with customary practice that the rich people behave the meal to the poor people out of the money, of here and there temporarily and will sunset "cafeteria" can be. Prior to Ramadan containing we need to be careful. Since the shop to sell liquor is closed, beer must be drunk while calculating the number of days left to stock up. Often at rest during the day also have breakfast restaurants, will be attending Shigeku foot super increasing self-catering. I do not think very healthy and good, but I asked the Egyptian acquaintance, was talking with [it is willing to be cleansed in the body]. On the other hand, it was also heard scary story a little.

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