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[Column | Senegal of life] that of the Muslim Ramadan how much ... Muslim fasting began from yesterday! Islam in Indonesia, Protestantism, Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism One of religion has been certified, the proportion of each of the religion, Islam., Protestantism., Catholicism., Hindu., Buddhism 0., Confucianism 0. (00 years, Ministry of religious Affairs statistics) has become. Muslims account for about a split in Indonesia is called the period in which the fasting [Ramadan]. This Ramadan is not a calendar of the solar calendar, it has been decided with the Islamic calendar th of the month. Months from the date this year, Muslims cut off the food and drink during the day, we spent thanks to the grace of God. Of course, it does not mean not to months nothing mouth during Ramadan. From sunrise to sunset to fasting. Otherwise, except those which are prohibited by Islam it is basically okay to eat anything. Will feels do I Ramadan everyday? I also have participated in Ramadan, which began from yesterday that I am allowed to homestay in the home of the Muslims.

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