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[Column | Senegal of life] that of the Muslim Ramadan how much ... About Ramadan (fasting month) - Considerations related to ~ fasting Please give that you do not eat or drink as much as possible as a consideration in front of the candidate of the Muslim fasting. I will select my meal when to eat forced to close. ] And applying cry will be more act of kindness. Day recommend the food and drink to the candidates during the fasting during when they / Kanojora would decline to receive, but only the kind you feel you have received, please understand. Also, thank you to well-known to people of the patients and the surrounding of this fact. The sick, those of women and pregnant during menstruation does not perform fasting. Candidates to perform the fasting is done every year, it said that accustomed to the fasting month life. But summer in Japan because there is also very environment is different from the home country of the candidate, such as the humidity is high, if you have such situation can be seen that the physical condition is not good thank you for your concern of your KoeKake like.

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