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[Column | Senegal of life] that of the Muslim Ramadan how much ... [00 year 0 May date] Ramadan is a holy month of Islam, this year (Hijra calendar year) was also begun. Sunni is a majority this month the day in most places, Shia entered the Ramadan from the day. Ramadan is 0 days in the second month of the Islamic calendar (the Islamic calendar). Since the Islamic jurists of the country decide to determine the phases of the moon, it may be shifted by the district. In Oman this year Ramadan began on the day. Day started in the place next month date in the Ramadan last day. Since Islamic calendar is a lunar calendar, according to the service of the month (such as AD) solar calendar and continue to shift little by little, not necessarily in autumn as 00 years. By the way, the 00-year Ramadan is, in the case of a Sunni, made from a month in the year to date. During this Ramadan, fasting is carried out. In other words, every day, between sunrise of sunset, food, cut off smoking and all, even more deepen the teachings of Islam to suppress the violence and desire.

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